It’s A Carnival!

The Ever After Story Carnival is coming to town and here are some things you just must do to gear up for the day!

5 Ways to Prepare for the EVER AFTER Story Carnival

Carnivals areteaser2b always meant to have a lot of colors, fun, happiness, excitement and of course prizes and goodies. So what is the EVER AFTER Story Carnival bringing you? Loads of these plus a lot of surprise elements waiting to make your evening a time to remember.

So what you should be doing?

  1. Talk to your friends. Now is the time for some gossip. Make sure you spread the word. Like some good old fella once said – “finders keepers”. Carnivals such as these are not what you get to be in every day or even every month, so make the most of it and do it in the company of friends you enjoy the most. So as long as it lasts, live the good times.
  2. Dress for the event. We love a riot of colors and so dress in your whackiest or trendiest self for the event. Remember, the carnival is just a step before popularity. You can be the most popular girl or boy in town; so win hearts with your style and wit.
  3. Add a big pinch of stories. Who doesn’t like stories? Dragons, pirates, talking animals, the evil witch, the handsome prince, damsel-in-distress, fairytales, the clever detective; we all love our share of stories. So give them a good stir coz they’ll come in handy at EVER AFTER Story Carnival.
  4. Register for one or more event(s) of your choice. You can register in groups of 4 or as individuals. Anything works just as long as you wear your party shoes and are in the mood for some fun.
  5. Have fun. Do we need to remind you that? But that really is the rule for this carnival.

So, see y’all on June 9, 2013 at 3.30 pm because when the clock strikes four; fun will begin to pour!